Private One-on-One Sessions


Dear Rider,

Thank you for your interest in The Rider’s Mechanic™ private one-on-one sessions. 

I specialize in the holistic development of riders and it is my mission to improve the rider beyond today’s standards, thereby, directly improving the horse's ride-ability and longevity. I coach riders, both on and off the horse, to acquire more awareness, feel, and skill so they can ride and train their horses more ethically and with greater success in their chosen discipline.  

The way the rider sits on the horse will have a dramatic effect on its soundness, performance, and development. Every rider has asymmetries and functional deficits that can negatively impact our horses and our own performance. This program is designed to identify any issues in motion, strength, posture, or balance that may be negatively affecting rider performance, effectiveness, safety, and confidence. The initial assessment will include recommendations to address physical deficits and fitness concerns to help you meet your riding goals. 

In this unique manual therapy-based program, you will work with a Licensed Massage Therapist who is not only an expert in human motion and function, but also a certified riding instructor and professional equestrian who has specialized training in this area.

Who This Program is Designed For:
• Equestrians from any discipline
• Riders returning to the sport
• Senior riders looking to maximize
        performance and safety
• Professionals looking to enhance their

The goal of each riding session is to establish a collaborative relationship between the horse and rider.

The purpose of each riding session is to coach the rider to acquire more awareness, feel and skill so they can ride and train their horses more ethically and with greater success in their chosen discipline.  In addition, teaching the rider to make the right decisions at the right time in every situation, even when the instructor is not present, thus becoming an independent rider.

Further details below. Hope to see you soon!

Kasey Reeder

The Rider's Mechanic™


Would you like to learn from a coach who can show you exactly how to use your body in order to effectively influence the horse?

Would you like to enhance your body awareness for better communication and harmony with your horse?

How about developing better balance, timing, and feel?

"Reflective Horsemanship is above and beyond any other riding instruction program, in that Kasey Reeder customizes her instruction for each rider based on the rider's current level, goals, and their horsemanship both on and off the horse. She evaluates a rider's form, balance, and communication with the horse so rider's will better understand themselves and their horse. The results are incredible, both with riding skills and the relationship with the horse. She has also helped me learn horsemanship training techniques for a more harmonious relationship with my horses. If you want to improve your riding and your relationship with your horse, call Kasey! "   ~Karen Gray, Scottsdale, Az.


The Essentials


Contact: Kasey Reeder | 602-571-6567 |

Location: Reflective Horsemanship Ranch | Rio Verde, Az. (North Scottsdale)

*You will receive an email with address and release forms once you have registered. 

Date: March 28-29th, 2020 

Rider: $90 

Limited availability: Please click on the 'Book Now' button to reserve your spot. 

All disciplines welcome!

Sign up times for both days:







What you will need:

Comfortable riding  pants (jeans or breeches) with some stretch.

Form fitting shirt that can be tucked in.

Halter and lead rope - to be brought to the arena during your session.

*Note: All bodywork is performed on the rider fully clothed. Shoes and all! :)


100% refund if the spot is filled.